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*      ProAttitude graduates who practice the approach tap a increasingly wider intelligence because their brain function at optimum.

*      Memory, attention span, learning and creativity operate at optimum, allowing them master their field of expertise.

*      They can focus on long-range goals instead of choosing risky alternatives.

*      They maintain higher levels of energy and sustain greater health status. As a result, they are rarely absent from work due to illness.

*      They generate interpersonal resonance, not conflict.

*      They communicate more effectively, relate to and encourage each other's strengths, and as a result build stronger teams and meaningful customer relationships.

*      They experience higher morale and greater enthusiasm for work.

*      They are able to balance work and family life better.

*      When they return to work from home, they return revitalized with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and fulfillment.



Don Joseph Goewey in the March issue of

Personal Development Magazine

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in the March issue

of Personal Development Magazine


"Three weeks into my effort (ProAttitude coaching sessions), I'd become faster at recognizing troubling thoughts and much better at maintaining a calm, pragmatic mind-set.


It was easier to solve problems, which made them less stressful.


So far, in my new calmer state, I'm much more productive ..."

Kate Siber of
Outisde Magazine
from her article
"Mind Over Madness"



I highly recommend this course to everyone. 

It is a must-do, teaching skills that are a must-have especially in these times."

Participant from
the training at
Cisco Systems











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