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  • Overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

  • “This training has changed my life! That sounds dramatic, but in the past few days, my whole perspective and approach has been dramatically different. I am making a conscious effort to shift my attitude and approach to all that I do. So far, it has given me such peace and hope. It is really a healing and inspiring course. I have heard many different people's approaches to stress management and actualization of total wellness, but none of them reached me the way this has.”

  • “This course has the ability to engage us all in the formation of our best selves and to that end I hope this course flourishes in all venues.”

  • “We work in a high pace, stressful environment at Cisco. To be able to remind myself daily that I am in control, regardless of the tasks in front of me, will make me a better employee.”

  • “This course is outstanding. I will recommend it to my colleagues.”

  • “It was one of the best trainings I've ever attended. For me the most important learning is the tools we learned how to use: the Thought Awareness, Three Ways to Stop and Stand Still, the Clear Button, and Pre Attitude.”

  • “I already used a tool today that I learned in the course: I got really annoyed at the phone but then pressed the Clear Button and was able to finish the conversation remaining friendly and effectively without getting more agitated. It felt different but very pleasant.”

  • “The timeouts given as part of training to practice control exercise were very effective.”

  • "Taking note of the cause of the stressful condition and applying the right attitude to manage the stress. Often times, when I am in a stressful situation, I focus on the situation a lot and get overwhelmed in the process. So, learning to dissect the situation (what is in my control and what isn't) was an important lesson learned.”

  • “The whole thing was outstanding! Don's ability to get to the core of what, I think, all of us were struggling with was amazing. I felt like he really understood what I was going through and was speaking to me directly. And, what he said made sense and each week I had a way to deal with life differently. Most importantly, IT MADE A DIFFERENCE IN MY DAILY LIFE!”

  • “During the past week, my stress level has been high due to health issues that arose that I had no control over. If it were not for the class, I would probably be off the chart. Utilizing the exercises actually provided a huge improvement in my stress level during this time. Please know that your course is an immense help to me and will continue to be I am quite sure.”

  • “The one-on-one interaction between Don and participants worked really well.  I liked the interaction. It felt more connecting than other webinars and I was part of the group and other people’s stories were helpful.” 

  • “The guided processes were very effective for me. “Having the inter-action with Don was very helpful in clarifying his points.”

  • “All in all, this is very well put together, and has a lot of helpful information and useful tools.”

  • “I was freaking out at the beginning of this webinar and had a sense of grace in my life at the end and that was because of this Webinar and the tools I learned!”

  • “Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us. I think the personal connection this webinar facilitated was THE most beneficial mode to get this broad concept through to me. Taking the time to encourage the personal connection adds a tremendous amount of value to the course, your work and our lives.”




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