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The Training

  • The full training consists of 9 parts, which can be provided in workshop or webinar format, or a combination of both. The basic training consists of four parts/ 

  • The training is based on the principle of positive neuroplasticity, which refers to how a positive change in mindset that changes experience changes the brain to maximize one’s potential for success.

  • The training design is built on modern learning theory, making it highly interactive and experiential.

The Neuroscience of Success


From Stressed to Calm, Clear and Positive


Parts 1 & 2: Taming the Primitive Brain that Thwarts You


You’ll learn how your state of mind determines the state of your brain. The neurological power of attitude literally activates brain function that promotes a successful, rewarding life … or a life of stress, struggle, and depression. You’ll map your stress fingerprint and apply a process that breaks the brain pattern driving most of the debilitating reactions you experience.


Part 3 & 4: Amplifying the Higher Brain to Flourish

You’ll learn to apply tools that build the attitude or mindset that rewires the brain to function at full potential, enabling you to respond to stressors intelligently, with greater calm, confidence, creativity, and optimism. You’ll learn to empower the To-Be list that conquers your To-Do list, and you’ll create a personalized practice for building on the change going forward.

Reaching Full Potential

Part 5: The Creative Brain: Tapping the creative insight and intuition tof the brain's right hemisphere.

Science used to think that people were either genetically gifted with creativity or not. This is not true. Highly creative people have simply figured out how to tap the brain’s inherent creative power. Tap that power and you’re able to connect the dots to see the big picture, devise new approaches when old ways fail, and come up with the breakthrough that improves the outcome. By the end of this session, you will be one of those who knows how to tap your power easily.

Part 6: The Power of Connection: Sustaining the kind of constructive relationships that lead to greater success, health, and happiness.

Every day we interact with people at work and at home, and the exchanges either have impact, or generate the stress and conflict that detracts from successful outcomes. Research shows that the positive regard we extend in face to face encounters contributes significantly to our success and well-being. By the end of this session, you’ll know how to apply the three conditions that build great relationships.

Part 7: The Whole of You (Beyond Fear of Failing): Quieting the critical voice that sub-consciously sabotages our chances for success.

When we’re stressed or challenged, the shaming we experienced growing up can trigger the self-defeat that says we’re not good enough. Research shows that we strengthen the fearless self-confidence and authenticity that succeeds by empowering an honest self-acceptance. By the end of his session you’ll have a clear path to your best self, instilling your best day, every day.

Part 8: The Expectancy Effect: Harnessing the power of suggestion to manifest your goals and aspirations. 

We tend to get what our mind expects to get. It’s called the “expectancy effect” and its impact is wider and more surprising than science previously thought. Our anticipation of succeeding or failing mobilizes vast inner resources and directs those resources toward fulfilling what we sub-consciously expect. But once shame is overcome, we’re able to direct this force to achieve goals and realize dreams.

Part 9: Pulling It All Together: Building your own simple, personalized practice.

During this course, you'll have come to understand neuroplasticity, which is the power of your mind to rewire your brain. You’ll have applied practical principles and mastered a set of tools that actualize positive change. In this session you’ll pull it all together into a simple personalized format that you can use to sustain the gains you have made and build upon them moving forward.

Interactive Website to Advance Your Learning Process:

Throughout the course, you will have access to a website that organizes the simple practice plans from each session.  After the course concludes, you will continue to have access to a section of the website for course graduates that provides videos and MP3 to help you increase your mastery of the tools and processes taught in the course.

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