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The Solution: Neural Integration

The Neuro-Competitive Advantage

A specific attitudinal shift quiets circuits that generate chronic fight or flight and expands and integrates neural circuits that sustain peak performance and emotional resiliency. 

  • Gamma Wave activity increases.  Gamma waves are associated with the higher cognitive processes that sustain peak performance

  • The brain lights up with analytic and practical intelligence.

  • Your brain generates emotional balance. You feel vibrant and inspired, but not so emotionally charged that you become manic or chaotic.

  • The higher and more primitive parts of the brain work together to generate emotional intelligence.

  • Fear is extinguished, deactivating the fight/flight/freeze response. You’re basically immune to stress

  • Your brain generates greater empathy and attuned communication increasing social intelligence.

  • Insight and intuition come on line and network with logic and reason to maximize creative intelligence It's as if the dots are connecting themselves.

  • Network that produce a moral sense strengthen, enabling the capacity to see beyond a limited self-interest and think and act for the larger good.

  • This is the brain generating the leadership that others trust.







The difference between how most brains function 


. . . and the high level at which the brain is capable of  functioning . . .


would suffice to solve most of your company's problems.




 All of the outcomes listed here are brain networks located in the neocortex, the seat of human intelligence.


Stress hormones cause this system to shrink. 


Transcend stress and the neocortex expands and integrates to light up with the intelligence that can see the target no one else can see. 











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