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The Neurology of Success Begins Where Stress Ends

ProAttitude can rewire your organization for the brain power stress has eroded

It’s the new competitive edge.  

Everything else is just another

best practice.

Turning Brain Power Up

The new competitive edge is all about the brain. 

Specifically, it's about a capacity of the brain - called neuroplasticity - to expand, reorganize and better integrate higher brain function.

The problem is that 40% of people these networks are impaired to an unfortunate degree from the damage stress hormones cause.

The damage is reversible and in a matter of weeks when a specific but simple process is applied.

Businesses that teach their employees how to light up their brains will eventually overwhelm the competition with innovation and strategic savvy.

These companies will achieve what is referred to as the Neuro-Competitive Advantage (click for ProAttitude's white paper on the subject).

The icing on the cake is that the ROI for implementing this process is enormous, solving old problems like turnover, health care costs, worker’s comp and absenteeism.

The process is sustainable and proven.  It is based on science.

ProAttitude spent the last ten years pulling the research together from every corner of neuroscience to produce a simple, proven approach that anyone can learn.

No other program can guide people toward neuroplastic change at the rapid pace ProAttitude achieves. 


The Training

Based on the Amazon Bestseller

“Don Goewey puts it

all together.”

Larry Stupski

former president

of Charles Schwab


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The course is an outstanding motivational course.   I know my professional and personal life will be significantly improved. I filled in the survey from Metrics-That-Matter, but I find it a pity there is no tool to rate the course (higher than 5).  It would deserve 6 not 5. I will  recommend it to my colleagues .

Manager at

Cisco Systems


ProAttitude’s program is one of the best I've taken.” 


Joseph V. Rafferty
Former Commander
of the Presidio military base at
San Francisco



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