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The Neuroscience

of Success

Companies that can teach their workforces how to manage stress better than their rivals will achieve a significant competitive advantage.  [It's] what makes the Neuroscience of Success so compelling.

Eric Severson

former Global Vice President of Human Resources at The GAP

Success depends on the state of our brain, and the state of our brain depends on our state of mind. The negative mental states that stress generates literally shrink the higher order brain function that enables us to succeed and excel. 

The brain scans to the right show the difference in brain function generated by a positive mindset compared to when we’re stressed and depressed. Multiply the difference by 1,000 and you have the loss in brain power in a company doing nothing to alleviate stress.

The good news is that by actualizing qualities that promote a positive mindset, we create the neurological condition that not only repairs the damage stress causes but also stimulates the growth of new connections that expand higher brain networks.

This beneficial change is called positive neuroplasticity, which refers to the way positive changes in mindset that elevate our experience  literally rewire the brain to maximize the intelligence, creativity, and emotional balance that predicts a successful life.

Positive neuroplasticity shows huge implications for business.  Results of over 200 scientific studies on nearly 275,000 people (APA 2005) have found that every key business outcome improves when people are emotionally positive.

§  We are 31% more productive, three times more creative, and a positive mindset increases sales by 37% (Lyubomirsky, 2005).

§  We are ten times more engaged with work (Achor, 2012), and prosocial in ways that achieve superior customer service (George, 1991), and facilitate teamwork that is highly collaborative. (Barsade, 2002).

§  In addition, a positive mindset fosters supportive relationships, which in turn predicts a longer and healthier life (Danner,2001), and lowers health care costs for companies (APA,2002).

The Result ProAttitude Has Achieved

Period: 2009-2016. Demographic: Technology engineers; Banking executives and managers; Attorneys; Senior executives, mid-managers, and sales account managers in technology; Construction engineers, foremen, and superintendents; Hospice nurses; University students: Ages 20 to 66; Setting: Large, high pressure corporations, governmental agencies, health care providers, and academic institutions.


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