Coaching Series

Individual Coaching Series

Succeeding at Life

The series develops the ability to dispel stress and anxiety at the point of inception, opening the way to greater health, success and happiness.

This coaching series builds your capacity to create a profoundly positive shift in mindset that literally amplifies the brain power – not only to succeed at life – but to flourish.  It is a life of being well and doing well, achieving your best day, every day. Socrates and later psychology called it “The Good Life.

Yet few people can honestly say that they have attained the Good Life. Americans score only 31 out of 100 on the happiness call.

Why?  The reason is stress.

Overcoming a Stressful Life

Stress debilitates the higher brain function that enables you to excel in all your endeavors. Clearly, success in life is all about the state of your brain and, over the last 20 years, neuroscience has established that the state of your brain is all about your state of mind.

Genetics and past traumas can wire the brain for a life of stress but your genetics and personal history do not ultimately determine your destiny. You can rewire these faulty neural circuits to regain the brain power to improve your quality of life.

How? Through a change in mindset.

Generating the Change that Changes Everything

All your emotions and expectations are produced by the thoughts you believe, and stress is produced by believing fearful thoughts that expect the worse, especially when you are challenged by a problem or stressor. In short, stress is happening in you far more than to you. This series will generate the specific change in mindset that changes the way you experience the world to literally light up your brain in profoundly positive ways that improve outcomes.

What this Series Can Do for You

This coaching series will enable you to accentuate simple principles in your daily life that keep your mindset positive, engaged and at peace, sustaining the brain function that predicts a successful, happy life.

In the absence of toxic stress hormones, higher brain networks will begin to wire and fire together, and the odds of you excelling will improve immensely … at every level of life; from family life to your career, from physical and emotional well-being to maximizing your full measure of talent, skill and intelligence.

It is your brain delivering the fluid and creative intelligence to solve problems and achieve goals, along with the emotional and social intelligence to instill joy in your work, peace in your life, and harmony in your relationships. It is also the key to health, energy and longevity.

The Cost & What It Includes

The cost of the series is $1,200.  This includes:

  • Six 50-minute coaching sessions conducted weekly.
  • A workbook and Don Joseph Goewey’s Amazon bestseller “The End of Stress – Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain.”
  • Full access to the Radical Peace website containing all the tools, videos and audio files that augment the learning process.
  • A 12-part refresher series of 8-minute videos to sustain and build on the change you will make in the coaching sessions.